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Paper diary vs

Comparison table contains general problems of site diaries.

Finding information Diaries are often handwritten on paper forms, this results in difficulties searching the information and being able to read the person’s handwriting. With finding information is very easy. contains builtin graphical reporting and search features.

How and when to access diary The diaries often remain with the person writing them, therefore when that person leaves the project so does the information recorded and it can be difficult to get back. can be accessed 24/7 and it never gets lost

Correct information Diaries can lack sufficient detail or contain conflicting information if they are not completed diligently. Supervisor and other project members can any time access diary and check for any bad information.

Real-time diary Diaries often contain information that is typed up at the end of the week from memory rather than being recorded contemporaneously. With you can see when diary was filled.

Pictorial information Diaries lack pictorial information that may provide more detail than writing alone supports pictorial information.

Several sites To know what is happening in each site, management must request information or read scanned/copied handwritten pages. With you can have several diaries and you can access all of those with one login.


With a web diary you can save a lot of time and share information within your project group.


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